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International Council on Clean Transportation

  • Beyond hazardous
    In Beijing, air pollution is once again off the charts. The air-quality challenge is exacerbated by geographical and meteorological conditions, but the human-made pollution is anything but a natural disaster, and the transportation sector, like all sectors, must do everything possible to reduce emissions.
  • Diesels dip, electric vehicles rise in Germany
    The theme that ties together the good and the bad headlines emanating from Germany is that the car market is changing, from diesel engines—the German car industry’s bread and butter—to electric motors.
  • The next generation of electric vehicles is on the way
    Electric vehicle metrics like range and cost are expected to continue to dramatically improve over the next few years as the next-generation technology emerges. In turn, these cost reductions will enable competitive pricing for high-volume mainstream markets.
  • Adding to the pile of evidence: Recent on-road testing results for CO2 and exhaust emissions from Euro 6 light-duty vehicles in the EU
    Summarizes the Emissions Analytics testing on nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulates, both of which pose significant health problems, and CO2 which is vehicles' main contribution to climate pollution.
  • Mapping U.S. electric vehicle markets and public policy
    Consumer subsidies, charging infrastructure, non-financial incentives, model availability, and outreach and awareness activities across the 50 most populous metro areas as we near the end of a politically eventful year for electric vehicles in the United States.

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